E. G.

At the age of 16 I started suffering from food allergies and asthmatic bronchitis, followed by an array of other issues and symptoms like chronic sinusitis, extreme mold sensitivity, inflammation, systemic candida amongst others as a result of the medical treatment I was on. I was making an average of 3 trips per year to the ER, I had a very low immune system and practically no gut flora. My life was very difficult and I was merely staying alive.

By the age of 22, my lab results were so alarming that the doctor asked to get my blood tested by a hematologist to rule out leukemia. It was at that point that I started getting UV Light treatments with The Hematron Machine. This marked the turning point for me in regaining my health. I did about 15 treatments and for the first time in many years I felt as if I was a step ahead than the conditions I had, as opposed to just doing damage control and merely coping.

My health slowly but steadily improved in the following 10 years. The UV Light treatments helped me get a jump start and gave my body a much needed brake. My inflammation was significantly reduced, I lost weight, my immune system became stronger and my mold allergies calmed down.

Last year I had the opportunity again to do 18 UV Light treatments with The Hematron Machine. This time the machine was a greatly improved newer version. I heard from the manufacturer that it is successful eradicating asthma: after 17 years with severe asthma I almost viewed that as impossible. 4 Sessions later my asthma improved by 50%, but I still thought it could be circumstantial. The treatments helped me overcome several colds and flu within hours which resulted in avoiding medications that further lower my immune system. They also eradicated my candida and the parasites I acquired in a tropical country 3 years ago and were creating havoc in my body. This allowed my gut to heal and build up my defenses. After 10 treatments my asthma was non existent and I could do heavy cardio without having to use my rescue inhaler. I went from using my rescue and anti inflammatory inhaler a couple of times a day to a couple of times a month. I do find that in high humidity I need to get a UV treatment every 6-8 weeks to keep my lungs strong and asthma free.