I have been using the Theralumen for several months. The first thing I noticed was increased sensation during sexual intercourse. And in general, the light therapy has given me more intense sexual experiences.

 Over the months I seem to have stabilized my health and do not feel the more dramatic lows that I had in the past.

Recently I stopped using the Theralumen for a few days and noticed that my breasts became tender and after using the Theralumen, the tenderness disappeared in a day. WOW! I stopped using the Theralumen again just to see if it really did make the breast tenderness go away or whether it was a coincidence. So I stopped using it and the tenderness returned in a day or two and again upon using the Theralumen, it disappeared in a day. The Theralumen obviously has a hormonal balancing affect.

I have my children use the Theralumen. My oldest daughter experienced improved sleeping patterns. She often became wakeful just before bed and just a few days after she used the Theralumen she was able to fall asleep with ease.

As well, I have noticed that my children have not had as many colds this year compared to last year.

 I am thrilled with the Theralumen. It is so easy to use. I take it in my car and use it when I drive to and from work. I do not want to ever be without it.

My sincere thanks,