Christy Houpis

Gene: Your Uvenator has so greatly improved my family’s health and quality of life that I had to write you directly. I want to emphasize the benefits that my wife, our daughter and I have seen with this amazing device. The benefits of UV light, deliver amazing healing properties for us. I continue to be amazed at how our skin rashes, cuts and mouth sores are healed overnight by using the Uvenator. Incredibly our family went through months and years of freezing New Hampshire winters surrounded by colds, flus and or worse but we rarely get any sickness. Why? The moment we sense something we spend a few minutes a couple times a day with the Uvenator. It prevents colds from taking hold and spreading.  What is truly impressive about this fantastic device is that it helps far more serious illnesses including Lyme Disease with impressive results.

Please use this letter as a testimonial and for me as a reference at any time. I am more than ready to speak directly as someone who uses this form of treatment regularly. It is not a matter of health PREVENTION; it’s a critical component in our routine health maintenance! THANK YOU for inventing this device. Sincerely, Christy Houpis (Dawn’s husband)